Photo of Mike Walker for the Shipshewana Event
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Mike Walker - (January 18, 2019)

Details: Showtime: 8:00pm | Doors Open: 7:30pm
Prices: Tickets Only $24.95, D/T $42.95
This Concert will be held at the Blue Gate Theatre

  This concert or show has concluded.
Nashville recording artist, singer, songwriter, musician AND vocal impressionist Mike Walker takes you on a musical journey like none other with Mike Walker's Lasting Impressions Show production.

Mike is a nationally recognized AND multi award winning talent in his own right and early on in his life discovered his ability to emulate other vocal talents as well! And that's just what he does in Lasting Impressions as he offers up his over 55 impressions of artists far and wide, young and old and of many musical genres. From Willie to Ray Charles and all in between, male or female, Mike covers all to bring you the best of the best for a musical journey you won't forget.