Photo of New Years Eve: The Singing Contractors, John Schmid & Jimmy Travis for the Shipshewana Event
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New Years Eve: The Singing Contractors, John Schmid & Jimmy Travis - (December 31, 2019)

Showtimes: 2:00pm & 9:00pm
Dinner and Theater Package - $94.95    (plus tax & fees)
This concert will be held at the Blue Gate Theatre

  This concert or show has concluded.

The Singing Contractors

Hi person reading this (yes, we are talking to you)-we are Josh Arnett and Aaron Gray, and we are accidentally known as "The Singing Contractors" (thanks to the many fans online that gave us this name after hearing these 2 good ole boys sing). We' re guessing you know this already...but we actually do come from a long line of hammer-holders and super-singers (a big thanks to mom and dad for passing on the lucky genes). We are Indiana boys who get together on the jobsite and belt out a tune every once in a while. We are indeed contractors and as the scars on our hands can prove, we work hard. We love God and family and we are humbled that so many people l ove to hear us sing (thanks to the BIG BEARDS we wear...they help filter out the flat notes!) Click the button below to read our "official bio"-we think its boring...but read on if you must...and thank you for checking us out. We invite you to "join the Crew."

John Schmid

John Schmid is the founder and director of Common Ground Ministries. Based in Berlin, Ohio, with a focus on prisons in the Ohio Corrections System. In a typical year, John ministers in more than 50 prisons, 30 churches, four to five camps, six evangelistic crusades, 40 banquets, a street fair or two, several weekend seminars,as well as numerous concerts and living rooms. We provide Bibles as well as Gospel Echoes Bible study correspondence courses to prisoners in the Ohio system at no cost to the prisoner or the system.
A unique blend of country/folk/gospel, and a touch of the contemporary, has gained John audiences in a wide variety of settings, including prisons, embassies, high schools, rest homes, churches, army bases, concert halls, and living rooms. His honest, genuine voice is easy to listen to and his message reaches everyone through humor, true life stories, a love for people, and a wide selection of songs (not to mention the Holy Spirit).
John was singing in a country western band at the time of his conversion in 1972. God changed his desire for stardom in Nashville to minitstry. He went to school, then overseas, back to church ministry and now back to singing (this time for Jesus). He has sung in over thirty different countries and takes an annual work/mission trip to Central America to help Christians get a vision for missions, at home and abroad.
John and his family are members of Mennonite Christian Assembly and reside in Benton, Ohio.. His son, Adam, is learning to play bass guitar, while sisters, Amy and Katie, help sing.

Jimmy Travis

Jimmy Travis is a multitalented performer who constantly proves that you can be funny, informative, and entertaining without being offensive!

As one reviewer put it: 'Jimmy Travis took the stage and within minutes made everyone in the audience feel like his new best friend. His presentation was hilarious, clean, and definitely had something for everyone. His approach to humor was very refreshing in a day and age when so many lace their shows with profanity' VARIETY

Attempting to describe a Jimmy Travis show or presentation is a lot like trying to herd cats! It's not impossible, but definitely takes some doing. He's funny, creative, spontaneous, energetic, and since he frequently interacts with the audience, no two shows are ever the same! Simply put, Jimmy Travis is unique!