Photo of Mylon Hayes Family for the Shipshewana Event
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Mylon Hayes Family - (February 01, 2020)

Showtime: 2:00pm | Doors Open: 1:30pm
Prices: Tickets Only - $19.95 | Dinner and Theater - $37.95
This concert will be held at the Blue Gate Music Hall

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The Mylon Hayes Family, from Hudson, NC, is a complete family ministering on full time basis. Mylon is originally from Boone, NC and has sung most of his life with his family, The Hayes Family. Wendy is originally from Morganton, NC and sang solos in her church throughout her life as well.

Mylon and Wendy were married in 1995. God has blessed them with 3 wonderful children, twin boys Conner and Bailey who are now 20 years old and a daughter Kennedy that is 16. Kennedy is homeschooled, allowing them the flexibility they need to travel.

This family's desire is to lift up the Lord with the music they sing, pointing people to the Cross. Jesus said in John 12:32 "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me". He was lifted up on that cross and took our punishment because of His great love for us all. The Mylon Hayes Family hope you see Jesus and realize His great love for you in the songs they sing and the words they say.