Photo of The Singing Contractors for the Shipshewana Event
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The Singing Contractors - (September 04, 2020)

Showtime: 7:00pm | Doors Open: 6:30pm
Prices: Tickets Only - $49.95 | Dinner and Theater - $67.95
This concert will be held at the Blue Gate Music Hall

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Hi person reading this (yes, we are talking to you)-we are Josh Arnett and Aaron Gray, and we are accidentally known as "The Singing Contractors" (thanks to the many fans online that gave us this name after hearing these 2 good ole boys sing). We' re guessing you know this already...but we actually do come from a long line of hammer-holders and super-singers (a big thanks to mom and dad for passing on the lucky genes). We are Indiana boys who get together on the jobsite and belt out a tune every once in a while. We are indeed contractors and as the scars on our hands can prove, we work hard. We love God and family and we are humbled that so many people l ove to hear us sing (thanks to the BIG BEARDS we wear...they help filter out the flat notes!) Click the button below to read our "official bio"-we think its boring...but read on if you must...and thank you for checking us out. We invite you to "join the Crew."