Common Courtesies When It Comes to the Shipshewana Amish Community

Shipshewana is a small town in northern Indiana, and it is only home to around 700 residents. The Shipshewana downtown area is only a few blocks large, but full of interesting shops and businesses! Shipshewana has a few hundred thousand visitors per year, far more than the number of residents.

The main reason for this being that Shipshewana and its surrounding area is home to the 3rd largest Amish population in the United States. With our town being home to the 3rd largest Amish community, here are a few insights into how to respectfully interact with the Shipshewana Amish Community.

Share the Road

While driving through the winding back roads and even town roads in Shipshewana, you are bound to encounter Amish buggies and bikes. To respectfully share the road with them, make sure and follow these ground rules. Do not honk or rev your engine when passing buggies, as you could scare the horse causing it to spook. Rather, when you pass by buggies make sure to not pass on hills and to obey local road laws, and to leave plenty of room when passing.

While driving at night or in the early morning when it is dark, be sure to be extra cautious when driving on the backroads. Although most buggies have reflecting and flashing lights, it can still be very difficult to see them in the dark, so be cautious. In the same way as encountering cars at night, make sure to turn your bright lights off when passing or coming up on buggies.


The Amish believe that taking pictures violates the Biblical commandment, “Thou shalt not make unto thyself a graven image.” So, in order to respect their beliefs please try and refrain from taking pictures of them. If you do take pictures of them, be sure to at least make so that their faces are not recognizable or are not visible in the photos.

Visit Local Businesses

Absolutely make sure to visit local Amish businesses and shops! The Amish are very friendly and welcoming to visitors, and love visitors in their shops. So, make sure to make stops at any of the local Amish owned shops and businesses, but remember the common courtesies mentioned above.

Shipshewana is such a unique town, and we love having visitors. However, when visiting make sure to remember these common courtesies in order to keep our town safe and flourishing. We hope to see in the Amish Country of Shipshewana soon!

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