What Makes Blue Gate Musicals So Special

In the heart of Amish Country, a musical journey began in 2010 with the formation of Blue Gate Musicals, LLC (BGM). Led by Founding Partner Mel Riegsecker and President Dan Posthuma, BGM set out to create faith-oriented original musicals that would leave audiences mesmerized.

The Founding Vision

Blue Gate Musicals was born with a simple vision: to craft relevant, meaningful, and entertaining musicals meant to wow audiences. Mel Riegsecker, coming from an Amish background, brought his passion for the Amish way of life to the stage, while Dan Posthuma, with his vast experience in the music industry, added his creative expertise to the mix. Other members of the BGM team are Wally Nason, composer, and Martha Bolton, the scriptwriter and author.

Broadway-Caliber Hits

From the very beginning, Blue Gate Musicals proved to be a driving force in the theater world. They introduced a unique genre of Broadway-caliber musicals set in the heart of Amish Country America. A few examples of their hits are “Half-Stitched”, “Home Game”, and the “Confession”. BGM’s tales of Amish life have captured the hearts of audiences across the country.


Blue Gate Musicals performs their musicals in three different venues, across the United States. The first venue being the Blue Gate Theatre, located in Amish country Shipshewana, Indiana. The next venue being the Ohio Star Theater, located in Amish country Sugarcreek, Ohio. The third venue is the Bird-in-Hand Stage, located in Amish country Lancaster, Pennsylvania. All three of these venues are great spots to enjoy the Blue Gate Musicals!

Heartwarming Holiday Specials

In the spirit of the festive season, BGM introduced heartwarming holiday shows like “Our Christmas Dinner” and “Christmas in Paradise.” These musicals filled with humor and warmth, have become instant favorites among the audiences.

Growing Fan Base

With over 700,000 delighted fans to date, Blue Gate Musicals continues to create memorable experiences for theater enthusiasts of all ages. Their musicals have resonated not only with theatergoers but also with people seeking uplifting and faith-oriented entertainment.

Blue Gate Musicals is a one-of-a-kind experience, bringing Amish country to the stage. Through their Broadway-caliber musicals, they offer a window into the Amish way of life, showcasing their simplicity, faith, and humor. With each production, BGM’s audience base continues to grow, and their story serves as an inspiring testament to the power of creativity and passion. So, step into the world of Amish charm and enjoy a Blue Gate Musicals at one of their locations!

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