6 Things to do During Winter in Amish Country

Worried about what to do in Amish Country when the Flea Market is closed? Don’t worry there is still plenty to do in Shipshewana during the winter months!

Ice Carving Festival

Shipshewana has an annual ice carving/chili festival, and it takes place on the third weekend in January every year. This is a great activity to enjoy and see what our town can offer during the winter months. If you can’t make it during the festival, don’t worry, the ice statues should be located around the town at local businesses for a few weeks, weather permitting.

Lights of Joy

A fairly new addition to Shipshewana is the Lights of Joy drive through light show! The light drive through is open each year from around the end of November to December 31st. It currently is around a mile and a half long and contains around 2 MILLION Christmas lights! The drive through show is located on the Shipshewana Flea Market grounds. It currently costs 20 dollars per vehicle and is a great way to get you and your family into the Christmas spirit!

See a Holiday Musical/Concert

The Blue Gate Theatre and Performing Arts Center has a wide variety of musicals and concerts throughout the winter months. Enjoy Christmas gospel or country artists at the performing arts center or get into the holiday spirit with a holiday themed Amish musical at the smaller Blue Gate Theatre!

Christmas Lights in Town

Shipshewana is known for having beautiful Christmas light displays throughout town, on lots of the local businesses! Grab some hot chocolate, bundle up, and take an evening walk around the town of Shipshewana. Make it an all-evening activity and drive through the Lights of Joy first!

Go Sledding

Grab some sleds and bring out your inner child by making a short drive to Bonneyville Mill County Park! Bonneyville Mill is a local park located a few miles to the west of Shipshewana. They have plenty of hills to sled on and trails to explore or ski!

Eat Dinner

After a day spent looking at ice sculptures or sledding, make a stop at the Blue Gate Restaurant to warm up your insides with some delicious Amish-style cooking. Enjoy either buffet or menu dining, and grab some cozy comfort foods like meatloaf, mashed potatoes, or a turkey dinner.

Shipshewana is not widely known for winter activities, however, there is so much to do during the winter months. We hope to see you here this winter!

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