Watch Fresh Cheese Be Made at Heritage Ridge Creamery

Heritage Ridge Creamery, located in Middlebury, Indiana, is the place to discover the authentic flavors of Amish Country cheese. With a focus on traditional methods, the creamery offers a selection of handcrafted cheeses. Experience the rich heritage of Amish Country and enjoy the flavor of locally made cheeses.

Amish History

Located in Middlebury, Indiana, just a short scenic drive from Shipshewana, Heritage Ridge Creamery is a destination for classic Amish Country Cheese. It was started in 1979 by a local Amish man, who hoped to provide a market for local Amish dairy farms who were still using milk cans. The skilled cheese makers at the creamery uphold the traditions of Amish craftsmanship, using time-tested methods to create each batch of cheese.

Ingredients and Location

Heritage Ridge Creamery began by making both longhorn style and barreled cheeses, but later began making only longhorn cheeses. The creamery’s commitment to using locally sourced ingredients deepens its ties to the community and the region’s agricultural heritage. Each cheese reflects the surrounding farmlands and the dedication of the Amish community. The shop is located at 11275 W 250 N, Middlebury, IN 46540. It is open Monday – Saturday from 9am to 4pm, and closed Sundays.

Watch the Process

Visiting Heritage Ridge Creamery provides an opportunity to observe the cheese-making process firsthand. Watch the artisans as they work with care, transforming fresh milk into their renowned cheeses. From stirring the curds to aging the cheese, each step is carried out with appreciation for the craft. You’ll even have the chance to sample their cheeses and check out their other Amish and local foods!

Types of Cheese

Heritage Ridge Creamery offers a number of cheeses to choose from, each with its own unique character. From classic Cheddar to creamy Colby Jack, to Pepper Jack and Thunder Jack, they have classic cheeses to meet everyone’s likings. They also have a Farmer Cheese which is a type of cheese that is a unique blend of cream cheese and ricotta. 

Make a Visit

A visit to Heritage Ridge Creamery in Shipshewana’s neighboring town of Middlebury is a great trip to see the Amish countryside and to support a local business. View the beautiful Amish countryside, sample the delicious cheeses, and take home something to remember it by. Experience the authentic taste of Amish Country cheese at this unique cheese shop.

Heritage Ridge Creamery in Middlebury, Indiana, invites you to explore the flavors of Amish Country cheese. With a focus on tradition and quality, the creamery offers handcrafted cheeses that show the true Amish history of their creamery. Discover the taste of Amish Country at Heritage Ridge Creamery.

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