3 Amazing Pizza Spots to Choose From in Shipshewana

Already ate at the Blue Gate Restaurant for multiple meals, and hungry for something other than Amish food? Don’t worry, there’s a few great pizza spots to choose from!

  1. East of Chicago

East of Chicago is a chain pizza restaurant that has one location located right here in Shipshewana, Indiana. They offer a salad bar, soups, a pizza buffet, wings, oven baked subs, and lots of other great additions. This pizza spot also offer delivery to close-by locations and have lots of options when it comes to pizzas. They offer specialty pizza’s such as BBQ chicken, chicken bacon BBQ, Hawaiian, Chicken Bacon Ranch, and so many more! You won’t be disappointed at East of Chicago Pizza.

2. Shipshe Pizza

Shipshe Pizza is open on Monday – Thursday from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm, and Friday – Saturday from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm. One thing unique about Shipshe Pizza is that they serve breakfast! They serve breakfast pizzas, wraps, haystacks, sandwiches, and more. They also serve multiple types of pizza and starters. Another unique thing about this pizza spot is that they have an 18-hole mini golf course! Come spend an evening here with your family and enjoy delicious pizza and mini golf!

3. Blue Gate Garden Inn

A lesser-known pizza spot in Shipshewana, is inside the Blue Gate Garden Inn hotel! In the hotel’s ice creamery, they also serve pizza and wings. They offer cheese pizza, pepperoni, meat lovers, supreme, and also breadsticks, ice cream, breadsticks, wings, and more! The current hours of this spot are Tuesday – Thursday from 5 – 9, and Friday – Saturday from 5 – 10. However, the hours of this spot vary, so call the Blue Gate Garden Inn at (260) 768-4725. Stop in at the Blue Gate Garden Inn and enjoy a slice of pizza and some ice cream!

Shipshewana is usually thought of for Amish cuisine, but we offer some pretty great pizza as well. So, don’t worry about bringing picky eaters to Shipshewana, there’s a type of food for everyone!

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