E&S Sales: A Unique Foods Store in Shipshewana

Welcome to E&S Sales, a unique bulk foods store located in Shipshewana, Indiana. Situated near the popular Shipshewana Flea Market, this establishment offers an experience of Amish traditions and flavors.

Local and Amish Owned

Shop at E&S Sales, a local store in the heart of the town, and experience firsthand how the Amish do their shopping. Conveniently located near the renowned Shipshewana Flea Market, it provides an insight into the shopping world of the local Amish and Mennonite community. E&S Sales is an Amish owned and operated store.


E&S Sales is known for its diverse selection of bulk foods, including spices, snacks, cheeses, and baking ingredients. With high-quality products, it caters to both those visiting Shipshewana, and the local population of Shipshewana. Explore their shelves and find a one-of-a-kind bulk shopping experience.

Types of Food

While exploring Shipshewana, a visit to E&S Sales is the perfect addition to your Itinerary. The store includes over 75 types of different cheeses, homestyle Amish crafted noodles, and so much more. They have a huge selection of bulk and non-bulk candies!

They also have fresh produce to choose from. From their handcrafted cold meats to their freshly baked goods, every product reflects the authenticity and values of the region. By supporting this local store, you not only savor genuine flavors but also contribute to the community.

Unique Experience

Visiting E&S Sales goes beyond mere shopping; it’s an opportunity to experience Shipshewana and the local community, in the same way that the locals do. Engage with friendly and knowledgeable staff who can share insights into local traditions.

Take a moment to appreciate the dedication and attention to detail poured into each product. For an unforgettable experience in Shipshewana, be sure to visit E&S Sales. Discover the flavors, traditions, and warm hospitality that make E&S Sales a must-visit destination in Shipshewana, Indiana. Learn about the local Amish community at E&S.

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